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Other Skier's Edge Product Lines

Other Skier's Edge product lines include: "The Fitness Edge" and "The Dynamic Edge". The Fitness Edge is the world's #1 lateral sports conditioner for pro athletes in tennis, golf, volleyball, soccer, football, and hockey. The Dynamic Edge is the leading evidence-based 3- dimensional lateral rehabilitation machine providing significant co-contraction of core muscles.

Fitness Edge
The Fitness Edge

The ultimate hip, butt, thigh, and leg machine is also the premier core conditioner.

The Fitness Edge is a fun, non-impact cardio workout that can burn 150% more calories than intense group aerobic workouts. Problem areas - waist, hips, thighs and buttocks - become leaner and trimmer. The result is a stronger, leaner and better looking body. With the Fitness Edge, you'll have more energy, less stress, and look great.

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Dynamic Edge
The Fitness Edge System 4

The #1 lateral rehab tool in the world

The Dynamic Edge RPM Series is an excellent functional rehabilitation, dynamic balance, strength training and core stabilization tool. It trains the patient in a safe, progressive closed-chain modality through lateral movement. The range of motion utilized on the machines is the same as lateral cutting movements of most sports making it a highly effective training tool for treating sport-specific injuries.

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How The Skier's Edge Can Help You

The Skier's Edge History

After years of playing football, the inventor created the Skier's Edge to provide a non-impact lateral workout that would allow him to strengthen his knees and ski free of pain. After showing it to doctors and physical therapists, he was encouraged to bring it to the public.

The #1 Technical Ski Conditioner in the World®

The Skier's Edge strengthens the exact same muscles you use when skiing by duplicating the motion and patterns of downhill skiing. It improves your skills and performance on the slopes by teaching proper rhythm, timing, balance, stance and edging. And, as an added benefit, the Skier's Edge provides you with the best injury prevention program that you can utilize for skiing.

The #1 Sports-Specific Lateral Cross-Training Tool

The Skier's Edge allows you to strengthen specific lateral muscles that apply to your sport of choice to increase flexibility, muscle tone and build aerobic capacity in a safe non-impact manner. The Skier's Edge provides the tool to work on lateral strength, quickness, balance and coordination needed in all sports.

The #1 Aerobic Conditioner in the World®

A Skier's Edge workout burns over 1,124 calories per hour and tones and firms the hips, legs, buttocks and abdomen while increasing your cardiovascular fitness. You'll lose weight quickly and look great.

The #1 Knee Conditioner in the World

The Skier's Edge was originally conceived and designed as a non-impact, lateral conditioning and strengthening tool for professional athletes and individuals who suffered from knee injuries. The Skier's Edge will strengthen your knees and keep them in top shape while helping to prevent serious injuries.

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