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The Fitness Edge®

The ultimate hip, butt, thigh, and leg machine is also the premier core conditioner.

The Fitness Edge is a fun, non-impact cardio workout that can burn 150% more calories than intense group aerobic workouts. Problem areas - waist, hips, thighs and buttocks - become leaner and trimmer. The result is a stronger, leaner and better looking body. With the Fitness Edge, you'll have more energy, less stress, and look great.

...81 lb. weight loss
This is the best exercise and conditioning equipment I have ever used. The key word here is "used". I am maintaining an 81 lb. weight loss and I use this equipment because I enjoy it.
- A. Shelton
Irving, TX
I dropped 1/2 inch from my waistline the first week. It's the first exercise that I can remember that I actually look forward to.
D. Holsinger
Boise, ID

Former Miss Fitness America Uses the Fitness Edge®

Leslie Bianchi-Morrow

The Fitness Edge is unique because it is both a skill builder and an aerobic conditioner. The Fitness Edge exercises the abdomen, lower back, gluteus maximus (buttocks) and all of the major muscle groups in the legs. These are the target areas all of us . want to keep trim and fit And, the Fitness Edge works those muscles in a totally different way than traditional machines like a bike or stair climber.
Leslie Bianchi-Morrow
Former Miss Fitness America

What sets the Fitness Edge apart from other exercise equipment?
Bianchi-Morrow: It works on weight transfer, balance and agility - characteristics of constant motion while on the machine. This allows individuals to raise their heart rate to target zone, thus increasing their cardiovascular fitness. In fact, it is possible to burn over 1,020 calories per hour on the Fitness Edge! The Fitness Edge builds strength through lateral motion. This will increase both endurance and flexibility.

Why is it necessary to train lateral motion?
Bianchi-Morrow: Side-to-side movements are common to all sports - tennis, skiing, basketball etc. It is very hard to train muscles for that kind of motion. The Fitness Edge not only trains the muscles but also trains them to recall the movement when performing that action during a game.

Is the Fitness Edge just for those people who are already in top shape?
Bianchi-Morrow: No! The Fitness Edge is used by children and adults with varying levels of overall fitness. The machine has 11 different resistance settings, so it can be set for each individual for an aerobic and anaerobic workout.

What about those people with sensitive knees and/or ankles? Does the Fitness Edge put too much pressure on those areas?
Bianchi-Morrow: Not at all. The Fitness Edge is a non-impact form of exercise. The machine moves by exerting body weight against resistance. Your own body weight is the safest weight to work against. There is no risk of injuring muscles or joints this way.

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