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We have received over 7,000 letters from our customers praising the Skier's Edge/Fitness Edge and how it has dramatically improved their skiing, weight loss, sense of well being and performance in other sports.

«Покупка 2008 года…»

«Я был немного скептически настроенный о возможностях горнолыжного тренажера Skier's Edge , особенно относительно моей жены, которая имела желание научиться кататься и которая сделала себе этот подарок перед этим сезоном. Результат: Для нас с дочерью это был настоящий шок! Австрия. Зельден. Это походило примерно на работу выключателя - «щелчёк» и она поехала - уверенно, ритмично. Наша семья признала эту покупку – покупкой 2008 года, потому что столько эмоций от катания мы еще не получали. Спасибо!»

Алексей С.. Киев

«Это — реально работает...»

«После использования недавно купленного  All Mountain Master  , результат моих стараний нельзя не заметить. Уверенность на склоне появилась уже через две недели при первой поездке  в «Буковель». «Мыщечная память», «Основные элементы современной техники», «Горнолыжный тренажер SkiersEdge» - тогда это все звучало мистически по отношению к моему уровню  катанию,  но теперь всё не так. Это реально работает!. Спасибо за тренажер»

Елена К. Киев

"Find that sweet spot"

"I purchased the All Mountain Master, and the comment I am hearing most this season is that it is "amazing how much progress I have made!" I made the transition to shaped skis the very end of last season. I feel that the All Mountain Master has made a huge contribution to my improvement in helping me in two crucial areas - balance and edging. I was able to find that "sweet spot" where I am centered and more in control on the machine and carry it directly over into my skiing. I was able to get the feel of "edging" and am amazed at the wonderfully free feeling of carving a perfect turn."

J. Flaim • Delano, PA

"This is for real"

"After using my recently purchased All Mountain Master about six times, I was startled to notice that I was skiing in a very different and far more efficient and graceful fashion. At first I was totally mystified, and could only marvel at this "stranger" swooping down the slopes. Then the words "Muscle Memory"..."Skier's Edge"..."Wow, it really works"...flashed into my mind. Now I'm back at my Skier's Edge machine with total faith and determination. This is for real."

L. Maron • New York, NY

"A quantum leap"

"I am delighted with its beautiful, efficient design. As a Mechanical Engineer, I appreciate the top quality materials and durable components. I have enjoyed using both the All Mountain Master and the Powder/Mogul Master, which have tremendously improved my balance, coordination, and endurance...My skiing has undergone an amazing improvement since I started using the System 4!...It is easy and fun to use, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a quantum leap in their ski technique in the shortest possible time!"

A. Harris • Albuquerque, NM

"Like I have been skiing all my life"

"After learning to ski in 1994 and taking additional lessons I considered myself a Good Intermediate Skier ... except I could not make a decent pole plant and could not carve a turn using my ski edges. After buying the Skier's Edge and working out last year, my first day skiing I was making pole plants and carving edges like I have been skiing all my life."

J. Henderson • Conway, AR

"'Breakthrough' to the next level"

"I always knew my Skier's Edge System 4 was an excellent trainer in muscle memory but I never knew it could be a 'Breakthrough' to the next level of skiing competence until my daughter, after years of struggling on the slopes, finally experienced the feel for the lateral movement after only 30 minutes on the machine."

J. Shohet • Plainfield, IL

"Shot a very easy 75"

"WOW!!!! WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!! Wish we had gotten this piece of equipment much sooner. What a wonderful, well made and designed machine this is. Being a golfer, I have always worked hard on shifting my weight, but after three workouts on the Skier's Edge this really showed me how to do that effectively. I went to the Club and shot a very easy 75 on a tough championship golf course. So now I see what you mean when you said that it would help you in other sports."

K. Nelson • Cape Coral, FL

"Director of snowboarding"

"As the director of Snowboarding for a large ski school I need to stay fit. I use the System 4 All Mountain Master. I find that supplementing my riding with the Skier's Edge during the teaching season keeps me in top form. I particularly like the core strengthening and the sense of rhythm I get from the machine."

C. Ankeny • Deephaven, MN

"It's always ski season at my house"

"The other three seasons blow right by when I'm training on my All Mountain Master, It's always ski season at my house."

B. Fiene • San Clemente, CA

"As much for my tennis game"

"As fitness equipment goes, the Skier's Edge is a lot of fun to use. I find myself looking forward to being on it and getting into the rhythm of a good run...I was surprised to find that the Skier's Edge did almost as much for my tennis game as it did for my skiing. I've got quickness and lateral movement on the tennis court that I didn't know my game was missing. Thanks."

R. Putnam • Southern Pines, NC

"Exceeded my expectations"

"Can I afford it? I've been teasing myself for years with the Skier's Edge. I've been skiing for 26 years... skied competitively as a kid and also ski instructed at Park City when I lived in Utah. The Skier's Edge has exceeded my expectations period. I'm amazed by how thoroughly the machine works the muscles necessary for skiing and I'm equally impressed with how accurately I can replicate the timing of a pole plant, angulation and edging."

P. Burton • Atlanta, GA

"Expert in powder"

"I was an expert in powder and fairly accomplished in moguls prior to my purchase of the Powder/Mogul Master. Both of these favorite activities have become more fluid and powerful. My stamina and overall conditioning for skiing have greatly improved and this has improved my enjoyment and performance in other sports as well."

H. Hulter, M.D. • San Rafael, CA

"Stamina on a mogul run"

"I am completely hooked on the Powder/Mogul Master attachment to my System 4. I can't get over how much it simulates the extension-absorption feeling of mogul skiing. I find that my stamina on a mogul run is much greater. I whole-heartedly recommend the Powder/Mogul Master for anyone who wants to improve their bump technique!"

Dr. M. B. Anderson • Clinton Township, MI

"With my very fast friends"

"I LOVE my Skier's Edge System 4! It has made a remarkable difference in my skiing. Many of our skiing buddies are current or former national mogul team members, and I typically spend much of my season struggling to keep up with them. Now, with regular workouts on the Powder/Mogul Master, I've experienced a huge improvement in the speed of my turns, my body position and my endurance. While I'll never be a world-class mogul skier, I can at least now hang with my very fast friends! Thanks!"

M. Turner • Lawrenceville, GA

"Bashing moguls with the best"

"I received the All Mountain Master for Christmas. On my first day skiing this year I couldn't believe how strong I started out. I went right from warming up on a run to bashing moguls with the best of them. I felt in mid-season form from the get go. Great machine, thanks for the help."

J. Newborn • Brick, NJ

"There aren't a lot of things that improve dramatically after you turn 60"

"For a number of years I have been interested in the Skier's Edge machine but hesitated to make the investment in something that I might end up using very little. Two years ago I read an article in Ski magazine on the prevention of knee injuries...The first recommendation for prevention of knee injuries was regular conditioning with the Skier's Edge. There aren't a lot of things that improve dramatically after you turn 60 and this has been a great source of satisfaction for me."

F. Virnelli • Winchester, MA

"That alone was worth the purchase price"

"Three days a week on the Skier's Edge brought me back to a level I've not seen in quite a few years. On my first day out for the season I felt like I did mid-season a few years ago. At today's ticket prices, to waste the first 10 days of the beginning of the season to get to a peak performance level, well that alone was worth the purchase price. Thank you for a great product."

D. Jasnau • Corinth, NY

"I am in the best shape I've been in for years"

"...the burning in my thighs is gone. My legs and mind know exactly what to do on that next mogul. I am in the best shape I've been in for years, and my skiing shows it."

M. Wescott • Grass Valley, CA

"Still see huge results"

"How I wish we had done this 2 years ago! We purchased the All Mountain Master about a month ago and have already noticed results. I use the Skier's Edge every day, whenever I can squeeze in a few minutes here and there and that is one of the things that I like best about the All Mountain Master. I can use it for a short period of time, several times a day and still see huge results. I have been skiing for many, many years and could never get past a certain point in my skiing ability. But, thanks to the Skier's Edge, I have definitely seen an improvement in my technique and skiing is a lot less effort for me, not to mention, a lot more fun! My clothes fit better and I really feel good overall. So, it's not just good for skiing but for general fitness as well. Thank you Skier's Edge from all of us!"

C. Czech • Braintree, MA

"With no back pain"

"My All Mountain Master has exceeded ALL my expectations. I purchased it for sport specific conditioning, but I am amazed at how much more I am getting out of each workout... greatly improved balance, timing, counter rotation, weight transfer and pole planting. All while having FUN! Not only do I not get bored as I have on other exercise equipment, I am actually enjoying the workouts. The ability to utilize interval training techniques by incorporating both anaerobic and aerobic conditioning in the same workout is outstanding. Due to a herniated disk in the lower back I can no longer participate in high-impact conditioning such as running, but the Skier's Edge non-impact movement allows me to workout as long and as hard as I want with no back pain. Thanks for a great product!"

T. Thompson • San Antonio, TX

"What a great feeling"

"What a great feeling to have end-of-season endurance, strength, and coordination at the beginning of the ski season! Now that I have one, I wonder why I waited so long. Thanks for making such a wonderful product. You don't realize you're getting such a great workout because you're having such a great time on it."

B. Beil • Bemidji, MN

"A miracle machine"

"The Skier's Edge has been nothing short of a miracle machine. I needed a "low impact" system that I could use confidently and aggressively without fear of injury. It took me 23 years to find one: The Skier's Edge. I see this as inexpensive insurance to help keep me on the boards my whole life."

T. Morr • Ashland, OH

"Releases the frustrations of the day"

"Fifteen minutes a day on the Skier's Edge gives me more energy, releases the frustrations of the day and has me in better shape than I have been in years. Thank you for such an amazing addition to my life!"

K. Hudson • Dallas, TX

"Keep the weight off"

"It took me over two years to take the leap and purchase my Skier's Edge. Now I ask myself why I waited so long. My All Mountain Master is an integral part of the program that helped me lose 32 lbs in three months, and keep the weight off. I now use my Skier's Edge three to four times a week for cardiovascular conditioning, ski muscle conditioning, and improved stamina. The fact that it has helped improve my overall skiing is an added bonus."

E. Lampinen • Manistee, MI

"Benefits have been phenomenal"

"Mere words can't describe my excitement and satisfaction with my All Mountain Master. I put it together and used it that very evening! It was incredibly easy to assemble. The benefits have been phenomenal. I've already noticed improvement in my stamina and strength. Then there's been the added benefit of losing 9 pounds and 6-1/2 inches off my hips and thighs in less than 2 months! I'm definitely hooked!! Thank you Skier's Edge!!!"

M. Alton • Roanoke, VA

"Dropped two clothing sizes"

"Twenty years ago, I gave up snow skiing. Eight months ago, I began using the All Mountain Master. Over the next six months, I advanced to using the Powder/Mogul Master. I have lost twenty pounds of body fat and dropped two clothing sizes. The best result has been my return to snow skiing. I now ski four days a week with more confidence and better fitness that ever before."

M. Lieberman, R.N. • South Lake Tahoe, CA

"World Class Powder Hound"

"I thought my snow skiing days were over when I sustained a fractured hip and an injured knee. The Skier's Edge System 4 was the key factor in my return to the slopes. I started with the Classic Parallel Carver, and advanced through the All Mountain Master and have achieved expertise on the Powder/Mogul Master. Thanks to the Skier's Edge System 4, I am now a World Class Powder Hound."

M. Lieberman, M.D. • South Lake Tahoe, CA

"Never thought my injury would help make me a better skier"

"I have been skiing for 25 years. In January I injured my knee and underwent reconstructive surgery. I thought my skiing days were over or at least my aggressive skiing style. Desperate to have an enjoyable return to the slopes, I purchased the Skier's Edge System 4. When ski season returned, I discovered that the use of the Skier's Edge had not only been responsible for my successful return to the slopes, but I also found more power and endurance than I had ever felt before. I would have never thought my injury would help make me a better skier. My only regret is that I was not training on the Skier's Edge any earlier. The strength it builds throughout the legs and knees is different than any machine in our health club and would have likely prevented my injury. By the way, in 3 short months of using the All Mountain Master, my wife has improved her balance, timing and stamina enough to spring out of that intermediate level rut and even lead me down the black diamonds. Thank you for this awesome piece of equipment!"

M. Maners • Birmingham, AL

"This is the teaching system where you learn expert technique and use it to your enjoyment on the mountain."

J. R. Reynolds, CPA • Sebastopol, CA

"Lost "40 pounds" off ugly fat"

"My S4 is a marvel. I have lost "40 pounds" of ugly fat. I ski like I did when I used to compete in freestyle events (now 40). Again, I ski only the black diamonds and the double blacks at Mammoth. My 10 year old son, who has been skiing one year skis like an old pro now. He has also lost weight and improved his soccer skills. I am so pleased with my purchase. We have a number of machines at home that just sit and gather dust, not this one, we use it everyday. Thank you Skier's Edge."

K. Dube • Los Angeles, CA

"Able to tackle black diamond runs"

"Last year I was an intermediate skier, I figured I wasn't ever going to see much improvement. Boy, was I wrong! I purchased my All Mountain Master at the end of last year's season. I FINALLY began to understand what all those ski instructors were trying to teach me about edging, rhythm and pole-planting! This year I was able to tackle black diamond runs with confidence for the first time! Thank you, Skier's Edge!"

L. Fiedler • West Hollywood, CA

"Modern carving technique"

"The All Mountain Master lets me work on modern carving technique by letting me tip my inside foot to the little-toe edge. As a lifelong skier and ski instructor now living in Florida, I needed a way to maintain my condition and skills for the ski trips that I take. The workout I get with the Powder/Mogul Master increases my balance and stamina to let me ski anything on the hill. And the Skier's Edge is even great for tennis!"

V. Paulis • New Smyrna Beach, FL

"With fun factor to burn"

"I never keep any fitness equipment if it doesn't have "fun factor" written all over it. My Skier's Edge machine is one of my favorite toys, with fun factor to burn. I have been amazed at what even a modest amount of time can do for my balance, reflexes and form. I went on a ski vacation at Taos, with a buddy who had just come from a 3-day ski weekend at Mammoth. I was sure I would be terribly shown up. Never fear! When I got to the mountain, my body knew exactly what to do. I had a blast, and I was the one who was nicely asked to slow up a little. I love, lerv, louf, luv, LOVE my Skier's Edge machine."

M. Stewart • Albuquerque, NM

"Wow! After skiing for over 30 years, I've finally found the right way to maximize the enjoyment of my days on the hill, and stay in shape at the same time."

J. Finley • Everett, WA

"Quick in the bumps"

"The training transitioned to results on the snow immediately by getting me on edge, into the new turn earlier and more consistently than ever before. I have also become much more balanced and quick in the bumps as well. It works."

G. Chiorello • Reston, VA

"Harley Davidson Softails"

"There are some special pieces of equipment like Harley Davidson Softails and Snap-On Tools socket sets that are so well designed, so solidly fabricated, so effectively get the job done, and are such a pleasure to use, that you fall in love with them. The Skier's Edge System 4 All Mountain Master is one of those experiences. It delivers. In a world where new models and new "features" are justifiably greeted with skepticism, you owe it to yourself to experience how dramatically the System 4 improves the performance of the already excellent System III. Somebody who really understands skiing and simple elegant mechanical design made an already good thing great. It's better than you can imagine."

G. Hart • Chelmsford, MA

"6 consecutive days of moguls"

"I got my Powder/Mogul Master just 3 weeks before my first ski trip of the season. I used it religiously before my trip. I can honestly say that I've never felt better on the slopes. I skied 6 consecutive days of moguls, powder and a few cruiser runs for fun and never seemed to wear out as in previous years. I would recommend the Skier's Edge Powder/Mogul Master for anyone who is serious about skiing."

J. Smith • Dallas, TX

"This is a huge improvement"

"This is the first year I have not had to ski myself into shape. I purchased my Skier's Edge System 4 All Mountain Master. I can now make top to bottom non-stop runs at Grand Targhee. Prior to the All Mountain Master I was making four (4) to five (5) stops per run. This is a huge improvement."

L. Mckinlay • Iona, ID

"In a very elite class"

"I'm a tough customer to please when it comes to exercise equipment. All of my prior investments in fitness training equipment have left me with an empty wallet and a garage full of junk collecting dust. Not for a lack of effort on my part, rather the inability for a particular piece of equipment to endure my rigorous workouts and to live up to the all the promises the manufacturer makes. This is not the case with the System 4, after three months of steady use it still presents a challenging workout. The System 4 has sustained my loyalty because of its ability to simulate the challenge of a downhill run. A thirty-minute workout leaves me with the same leg burn I have after a full day of skiing. The transition from the System 4 to the snow is seamless. The bottom line is the Skier's Edge System 4 is the most practical piece of exercise equipment I've ever owned, I feel as though I'm ready for the slopes anytime. The Skier's Edge Company has created a tool that is in a very elite class of exercise equipment. Training equipment that is actually fun to use."

J. Cioffi • Mountain View, CA
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